(ASP) .NET Core (MVC)

Creating executable file (.exe) in Windows 10:

dotnet publish -c Release -r win10-x64

Creating skeleton MVC website with individual authentication:

dotnet new mvc –auth Individual

Recommended text editor:

VS Code



Flashcards for Android Flashcards Maker

To use these flashcards you must install Flashcards Maker in your Android device and import these files in it. These files are just examples. If you have flashcards that you have made, you can share them in the comments.


https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/32222357/Business Software.csv




Running JavaFX samples and demos

So if you download javafx samples and demos and run ensemble it seems to work just fine at first. Go to Web > HTML Editor however and you’ll encounter error. What to do? We have source, lets build it from source. Only problem is you will get various errors. Net search will tell you to clean and build. What do we lose? Only you encounter another error. Properties > Libraries > Manage platform > Add platform. Use that platform. Comment out 107 to 110 to run HTML Editor.

MarkItUp with live preview

I like to write my rich-text files in plain human readable formats to which I am accustomed with and where I don’t have to type all the markup myself. My app HTML Editor helps me and others to do that in Android. But in desktop platforms it is easier to use shortcuts to write markup.

For example Word, Libreoffice etc use CTRL-B, CTRL-I for bold and italic text. But they are too heavy and insert unnecessary html in their code. Recently I came across an interesting tool called markItUp. It is very customizable and supports custom keyboard shortcuts.