Android HTML Editor

Android HTML Editor

Tips to use Android HTML Editor productively:

To use this app, you have to write a tag (like “span” without quotes) and then press <></> and it becomes <span>|</span>. You can use < ></> if you want to write attributes as well. <> and </> can be used with or without typing tag-name first. There are 7 buttons and you can scroll them left/right if they don’t fit in your mobile device.

Insert tag directly after text:
If you want to insert la<b>|</b>, type la followed by < followed by b and then press a button to expand tag (<>|</>). This way you don’t have to type space before typing and expanding tag and deleting it afterwards.

Highlight from desired line

Go to the line you want to highlight from and add and remove a letter. Highlighting engine will stop and begin highlighting from  the current line. Make sure beginning of the selected line is content or beginning of tag and not middle of tag, comment etc. Eg: highlighting from line beginning with “is comment–> etc etc” results incorrect highlighting while “<b>Good</b> etc etc” works just fine.


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