Python 3 tkinter Text Editor with Syntax Highlighting

tkinter Text is a powerful widget. Yet we don’t see many popular programs written in it. There was a web browser implemented in it (I have tried to find it back again without success. If someone knows where to find it, please let me know.). IDLE is dismissed as amateur’s IDE. It is a shame that such an easy to use library is not utilized fully.

I love Python, tkinter. Actually this is my third text editor in Python 3 tkinter. I have hosted two of them in GitHub and made video about one of them in youtube. This one is not published anywhere as of yet.

Sometimes I get confused between my editor and IDLE if just for the look of syntax highlighting. As of now it highlights much of Python syntax correctly. What I still need to do is: implement live syntax-highlighting, display line-numbers, implement folding.

Syntax highlighting for multiple languages
Search bar instead of dialog
Expand tag function: type div, press tab, it becomes
<div >|</div > (it inserts div tags with cursor inbetween, ignore space in div tag, it’s due to wordpress formating)
where “|” is your cursor.

Planned features:
(Compile and) run file
Live syntax highlighting
List of methods/functions etc.



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